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Robustly built DC Regulated Power Suppliers are widely applicative in engineering controlling, for charging of storage battery, communication, DC screen system along with this, these supplies are also used in several other equipment.
Digital Measuring Instrument
In this category we are providing a wide variety of Digital Measuring Instruments. These are used in number of arena, varying from hospitals, universities. These instruments are even used for easy on-site vibration measurement.
Sine Square Oscillator
Offered Sine Square Oscillator is in huge demand nowadays, for power amplifiers, accurate requency, remote control support, high frequency resolution and many more. This grade of device is highly reliable and convenient to use.
Digital Oscilloscope
Excellent quality Digital Oscilloscope is offered by us. This is a fully automated device, which is available with several optional accessories, varying from USB-GPIB, BNC Coaxial Cable and many more.

Function Generator
Function Generators in different frequency range are offered by us. All electrically powered devices are specifically designed for the purpose of generating different types of wave over wide range of frequencies.
We are providing the range of well-designed High Voltage Breakdown Testers, which are widely known for their superb functionality. These testers are used for testing high voltage components in electric industry.
An Auto Transformer is basically a transformer with a sing winding wound on a laminated core. This device is widely used to regulate voltage of transmission lines and also applicative for transform voltage.
Digital Meter
Digital meters are the testing instruments, which give accurate and quick results. They are made to ensure that the parallax errors are totally eliminated. Offered are the standard diagnostic tool used by technicians.
Digital Multimeter
Digital Multimeters have been deisgned to show the reading in digits on their LED or LCD screen. Utilization of the said devices provide accurate measurements. Also, these are useful for measuring the voltage.

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