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About Us

CROWN ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS is a manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier of ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC TEST & MEASURING INSTRUMENTS e.g. DC Regulated Power Supply, Single output/ Dual output/Multi output, high voltage, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Signal Generator, Digital Multi Meter (DMM), Digital Panel Meter for Volt, Amp, Frequency, Watt and Power factor (PF), Digital Milli / Micro Ohm Meter, Led Test Panel With AC Source, LCR Meter, Capacitance Meter, Clamp Meter, Multifunction Meter to measure volt, Amp, Hz, Watt, PF and VA. High Voltage Breakdown Tester, Million Mega Ohm Meter, Digital Insulation Tester, SMPS, Auto Transformer (Variac), Electronic Training Boards for Semiconductors electronics, Various Theorems, Amplifiers, OP AMP, Oscillators, Digital Electronics, Communication, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Instrumentation & Demonstration Model .

Crown Electronic Systems has established it's brand in the Indian and other countries as an Oscilloscopes Manufacturer, Exporter from New Delhi, India. Our customers are based all around the globe, who appreciate our digital oscilloscopes and other products for their compact design, simple operation and portable construction. All the manufacturing processes are done in conformation to the environment protection guidelines. We are dedicated towards protecting nature and hence we work together with employees to make the life better, not just for us but for our future generation also. "CROWN" works for sustainable processes and development along with promoting clean technology.

The entire product series is available in different categories and is designed as per specific application requirements. Every item is tested comprehensively before being handed over to clients. Oscilloscopes are one of our most demanded product and it is considered as a reliable device for observing, making inferences, development of records and examining various electronic signals waveform.

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