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Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeters provide flexible leads and work well the help of insulated wires. They function as the conductor from the item that are being tested to the multimeter. These devices are utilized for testing the circuits and are used to describe the digital resolution. The output given by them is accurate and quick. Digital Multimeters offer precise value. All technicians recommend their effective use. They can measure the signal and are typically gathered by their sum of counts. Being more precise than analog multimeters, these are demanded everywhere. Also, these can lessen the reading and interpolation errors.
Product Image (DM 97)

Digital Multimeter 97

Price: 2200 INR/Piece

3 Digital Multimeter 3999 Counts Large LCD Display with Auto/Manual Range No Power-OFF under natural operation Data Hold, Max. / Min. Value Hold Capacitance, Frequency / Duty Cycle, Temperature and Transistor Test

Product Image (CEM 45)

Bench Top Digital Multimeter

Price: 8900 INR/Piece

Bench Top Digital Multimeter is specifically being designed in a way, which gives better resolution, fine system programmability along with optimum and advanced functioning. As the name of the product, itself said offered product is either used over a bench or in a system rack. This AC powered electronic device has the ACV frequency of 50 KHz. Bench Top Digital Multimeter is available with various wired connectivity options, varying from GPIB, LAN, USB along with several other devices. This is an automatic grade of device, which has the voltage measurement of 1000 volt DC and 750 volt AC. Readings displayed over the display of the automated device, is highly accurate and readable. Due to its easy to operate feature, offered device is widely appreciated amongst our clients.


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