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Our ample domain experience enables us to deliver a wide assortment of Electronic Training Broads. These boards are provided with logical switches, LED lights, nixie tube display circuit, one way adjustable pulse output signal and many more. We manufacture these boards by using the best quality raw material in complete compliance with global quality standard. Hence, our precisely designed electronic training boards main functions are data selector & data comparator, counter, basic gate circuit, encoder & decoder, combination logic circuits (based on the ssi), trigger, 555 time base circuit and 8-way responder.

  • High quality
  • User-friendly
  • Durable
  • Efficient to use
Product Image (CEE 2023)


Price: 13300 INR/Piece

SPECIFICATION 1. DC Regulated Power Supply of : 0 to 5V/ 100mA ( Two Nos.) + 12V/ 250mA + 5V/ 250mA 12V/250mA AC 2. IC 741, IC 723, & IC 555 is mounted on front panel with there Pin no. & socket for connection 3. Various Resistance , Capacitor, Diode, Zener Diode, LED, Potentiometer are fitted on inside of Panel with sockets. 4. Required circuit Diagram & Patch cords are provided with instruments.

Product Image (CEE 2024)


Price: 12600 INR/Piece

SPECIFICATION INPUT : 230V AC -+ 10%. DC OUTPUT : A) -+ 5V/500mA B) 0 -+ 25V/500mA 1. Bread board having 1680 tie points is mounted on front panel. 2. 12 logic input with LED indicator using SPDT switch. 3. 12 nos. Logic output with LED indicator. 4. 1Hz mono shot clock pulse with pulser switch. 5. TTL clock pulser having output frequency!s of 10Hz, 100Hz,1KHz & 10KHz selectable By switch. 6. Three (2 Nos. Common Anode LT542 & 1 No. Common Cathode LT543)Seven segment display connected with sockets for each segment 7. Two Potentiometer of 1Kohm & 1 Mohm.

Product Image (CEE 2025)


Price: 10600 INR/Piece

SPECIFICATION 1) In built DC Regulated Power Supply +12V/250mA & +5V/250mA. 2) AC Power Supply 9-0-9V/500mA. 3) 4 no. Logic Input with toggle switch. 4) 4 no. Digital Output indicator. 5) 12 no. Different types of Resistances (WireWound , Carbon Film & Metal Film Resistor). 6) 12 no. Different types of Capacitors ( Ceremic, Polyster & Electrolytic capacitor) 7) 9 no. Different types of diodes ( Si diode, Ge diode, Zener diode, Photo diode & Light Emitting diode ) 8) One no. Diac. 9) 2 no. PNP & NPN Transistors. 10) One no. FET. 11) One no. UJT. 12) One no. TRIAC. 13) One no. SCR. 14) One no. MOSFET. 15) One no. Thermister 16) One no. Solar Cell. 17) One no. Speaker. 18) Two no. Voltage Regulators ( 7805&7905) 19) Two no. Potentiometers (1 K! & 10K!) 20) One no. Relay. 21) One 14 Pin IC Base.

Product Image (CEE 2026)


Price: 22000 INR/Piece

SPECIFICATION 1) DC Regulated Power Supply a) 0-10V/50mA b) 0-25V/50mA c) +12V/500mA d) +5V/500mA 2) 4No. Digital Meters a) 19.99VDC b) 19.99V-199.9V DC c) 199.9A - 19.99mA DC d) 1.999mA - 199.9mA DC 3) Pulse Generator Circuits a) Variable duty cycle pulse generator for chopper circuits. b) 1KHz +ve & -ve edge pulse generator for series inverter. c) 50Hz +ve & -ve edge pulse generator for series inverter. d) UJT trigger circuit for half wave & full wave converter. 4) 3 No. SCR (2P4M), 1 No. MOSFET (IRF840), 1NO. IGBT (GP8NC60KD). 1No. POWER TRANSISTORS (2N3055) & 8No. different resistance. 5) Seprate circuits for half wave / full wave converters, choppers & inverters.


GST : 07ACOPN7091E1Z9